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i want a bisexual vivienne and a bisexual varric


especially since, at present, there are three warrior romances, one mage romance, and one rogue romance (and I’m kind of assuming that Josephine isn’t even non-party combat but I could be wrong). Vivienne rather than Solas keeps the gender options balanced while supplying the mage. Since they went in a non-romance direction with Cole and Leliana, Varric is the only remaining rogue.

Both seem the most likely to be race-gated (Vivienne for her political ambitions).

I hope that they’re both bi regardless of which races they like

hi-im-honey asked:

Does the Thor sex change thing offend you from a religious perspective? Jw


Not really no. Anyone who is offended by comic adaptations implies that marvel somehow impacts their personal relationship with the faith. It’s not as if Marvel has ever really been canonical so I don’t really think it’s an issue. The people who are offended in their spirituality are likely not that serious about the faith anyways.

Hope that helps!

Same same same.

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