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Fuck you Nickelodeon!


This rant has been brewing in me for a while but this is the last straw.

So Korra is the sequel to one of my favorite TV shows of all time, Avatar The Last Airbender. The original creators came back to make this series and the first season was great. Critics loved it, fans were overall pleased with it, and it did great ratings for Nickelodeon on a Saturday morning block. So Nick orders three more seasons of the show. Everyone’s all smiles.

Then with Book 2, Nick gets the bright idea to air the series on Friday nights rather than Saturday mornings. Consequently, the ratings go down. Nick gets another bright idea and changes the broadcast time on Friday multiple times over the course of the season, keeping any established following from building up aside from online Korra fans who kept up to date on these constant changes.

Then last month, the Spanish branch of Nick accidentally put 4 episodes of the unreleased Book 3 online instead of the episodes from Book 2. They immediately make their way across the internet and episodes 3-6 are available for anyone to watch. How does Nick respond to this blunder? By announcing they’ll be releasing Book 3 of Korra in a week! No advertising, no time to build up excitement and awareness, and airing at the same Friday night block that the show struggled at with Book 2.

So the show’s ratings are worse than before, Nick doesn’t release the episodes to their website like they did for Book 2, and they decide to air 2 episodes a week to speed up the schedule.

Now here we are, a little more than midway through the season, and Nick decides that they’ll only air one episode this Friday and all other episodes have been taken off their schedule.

I haven’t been this infuriated in a long time. The stupidity of Nick’s treatment of Korra cannot be overstated. It’s hard for me to fathom that a studio could fuck a show over this badly. It’s sickening to Korra’s devoted fanbase and downright insulting to Mike, Bryan, and Studio MIR who work their asses off to make Korra not only the best US animated show, but one of the best shows on TV period (

The one bright spot in this mess is that season 4 is already well into production so it’s unlikely Nick will cancel the series. To all you Korra fans out there, please do your best to spread the word about the series and support it as much as you can. Nick has made it very clear that Korra will survive because of the fan’s devotion, not because of anything the morons running that company did.

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